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Cell Phone News – Google adds automatic app updates to Android 2.1’s Market

Google appears to be rolling out an update to the Android Market for Android 2.1 (Eclair) smartphones. The new version of the Android Market adds the automatic and “update all” functionality that has been found in the Android 2.2 Froyo version of the Android Market from the start.
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Cell Phone News – Google Updates Gmail for Android Once Again

Google today announced a new update to the Gmail application for the Android platform that adds several new features. Gmail 2.3.2 for Android makes marked improvements to the performance of the priority inbox feature, which now offers a separate window view of all priority messages and allows users to set up specific alerts (ringers, vibrate) for incoming priority messages. Google has also made it Continue reading

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Cell Phone News – Gowalla 3 for iPhone offers Facebook, Foursquare support

Today Gowalla announced that its latest client, Gowalla 3, is now available for the iPhone. Gowalla 3 allows users to check in on Facebook Places or Foursquare and even update Twitter or Tumblr.Gowalla 3 has a new and faster check-in user interface, a new Bookmarks feature for remembering favorite spots, and a Notes feature for adding notes for friends or yourself at any location. The application Continue reading

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Cell Phone News – Facebook Adds More Account Controls to Mobile Site

Facebook today announced that it is offering the same account dashboard available from the full desktop version of Facebook to the browsers of mobile devices. The dashboard’s new availability on the mobile version will allow Facebook users to adjust their settings on the go, including application permissions, privacy measures, as well as basic account and profile modifications. This new tool goes beyond Continue reading

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Cell Phone News – Google partners with Verizon Wireless for Chrome OS netbook connectivity

Today Google announced that it has teamed up with Verizon Wireless to offer data connectivity on its upcoming Chrome OS powered netbook computers. During a Chrome conference demo today, Google said that Verizon will provide each netbook with 100MB of free data every month for 2 years. The Chrome OS netbooks will not require a contract, and data plans start at $9.99. There are also no activation, overage, Continue reading

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Cell Phone News – Microsoft: ‘Years’ Before New WP7 Designs Possible

Speaking at the AllThingsD: Dive Into Mobile event, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 champion Joe Belfiore said that he expects it to be years before Windows Phone 7 advances enough to allow for hardware designs different from its initial set of requirements. During an interview with the Wall Street Journal’s Walter Mossberg, Belfiore said that since Microsoft builds only the software and not the hardware, Continue reading

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Cell Phone News – Carphone Warehouse announces pricing, availability of Google Nexus S

Today Google announced the Nexus S, a smartphone built by Samsung that is the first to run Google’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. The Nexus S features a curved 4-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen display, a 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor, a 5MP camera/camcorder, and a second VGA front-facing camera for video chats. The Nexus S also supports near field communications (NFC) technology. It Continue reading

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Cell Phone News – LG to Stop Using Magnesium in All Phones by 2012

LG recently announced that it will no longer use magnesium in its mobile phones. To replace it, LG will instead use Eco-magnesium, which was developed by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology. Producing Eco-magnesium practically eliminates the sulphur hexafluoride that normally occurs when producing magnesium. This reduction in the sulphur hexafluoride biproduct will reduce greenhouse gas emission Continue reading

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Cell Phone News – Fring video calling for Android and iPhone gets dynamic video quality

Video chat provider fring has announced that it has added what it calls Dynamic Video Quality (DVQ) to its video chat applications for Apple iOS and Android smartphones. What the system does, in brief, is dynamically adjust the inbound and outbound video stream quality to match the abilities of both users’ data connections. So if one or both participants in a fring video call see degraded data connection Continue reading

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