Cell Phone News – Clearwire Soft-Launches WiMax in NYC and LA

Clearwire has begun making WiMax equipment and plans available to consumers in the Los Angeles and New York City markets, reports PC Mag. Clearwire is offering 3G/4G dual-mode modems to “early adopters” in those two markets, though it is warning that WiMax has not been fully deployed and turned on in either market. Service plans start at $35 for the first two months, and then jumps to $55 for the remainder of the required two-year contract. PC Mag noted that Clearwire is building a retail store in Queens, New York, with a planned October launch. Sprint spokesperson Stephanie Vinge confirmed via Twitter several weeks ago that the New York market would be launching soon. Sprint and Clearwire typically launch WiMax coverage at or near the same time, as they are using the same network to provide service. Neither Clearwire nor Sprint has said exactly when WiMax will fully launch in either market.

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