Cell Phone News – Foursquare Updates iPhone App to Version 2.0

Foursquare has started rolling out version 2.0 of its iPhone application. Users of the location-aware social networking service can take advantage of several new features. First, Foursquare says that it has split the Tips and To-Do, which Foursquare believes will help users accomplish things on their To-Do list faster. Users can now more easily add venues to their To-Do list, as well as see how popular any given venue is with other Foursquare users. Last, the new Foursquare application also offers a new function called “Add to My Foursquare.” With this function, users can find venues on the web and, with a software tool being distributed by Foursquare for web site developers, click a link that adds the venue to their To-Do list. Foursquare says a number of web sites have already started adding the “Add to My Foursquare” function already, with more to follow. The application is a free download from the iPhone App Store and Foursquare will offer new versions for the Android and BlackBerry platforms soon.

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