Cell Phone News – Microsoft: ‘Years’ Before New WP7 Designs Possible

Speaking at the AllThingsD: Dive Into Mobile event, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 champion Joe Belfiore said that he expects it to be years before Windows Phone 7 advances enough to allow for hardware designs different from its initial set of requirements. During an interview with the Wall Street Journal’s Walter Mossberg, Belfiore said that since Microsoft builds only the software and not the hardware, the company was shooting for “the right amount of specified variation in hardware and the right amount of specified sameness.” Right now, Windows Phone 7 runs on 10 high-end smartphones. Belfiore said that Microsoft hopes to scale WP7 down to cheaper devices, but it will be a long time before it is able to do that. In the mean time, Belfiore also admitted, “There are certainly some functionality shortfalls and we are going to work to address them.” That includes an update planned for early 2011 which will add cut-and-paste functionality to the WP7 platform. When asked, Belfiore declined to say how well the WP7 platform has been selling in its first month of availability.

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