Cell Phone News – T-Mobile USA Calls WiMax ‘Niche,’ Prefers LTE

T-Mobile USA Chief Network Officer Neville Ray said to BusinessWeek in an interview that it is not going to rush into any decisions regarding 4G technology. “We’ll look towards LTE at the right point in time for us. That ecosystem is going to be much richer than the competing one from WiMax, which is really a niche play,” he said. The statement pours some cold water on recent reports indicating Clearwire is in talks with T-Mobile about an investment it Clearwire’s WiMax network. Clearwire needs more funding, and is looking to outside firms for help. Clearwire confirmed that it is talking to T-Mobile USA. While it waits for LTE to mature, T-Mobile believes that the HSPA+ network upgrade it is in the middle of rolling out will help it stand its ground against the 4G speeds of its competitors. “We’re not waiting for the technology choice, we have the right technology to deliver that experience today,” said Ray. Ray wouldn’t say if or when T-Mobile might offer 4G services.

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