Cricket Phones

Motor Mouth Wireless offers the latest handsets from Cricket Wireless.

Choose your Cricket Wireless True Rate Plan then get your phones activated!

Choose from affordable models to ‘made for texting’ models to the latest in smart phone technology, featuring Android operating systems.  Ples get your Internet on the go with a choice of Internet broadband modems or share your Internet connection with Cricket Crosswave, an instant Internet hotspot!

Cricket Wireless has several cell phones styles to choose from and Motor Mouth Wireless always has them in-stock:

  • Blackberry 8530 – Full featured smart phone!
  • Huawei Acsend – Android smart phone!
  • Kyocera Domino
  • MSGM8 II
  • Samsung Messager II – in Purple and Blue
  • Samsung Stunt
  • Samsung Touch
  • Sanyo Zio – Android smart phone!

Not to mention two models of wireless Internet broadband modems, providing on the go or cordless Internet access, wherever you need to be:

  • Cricket Crosswave Internet WiFi Hotspot – Share Internet with up to five devices!
  • Cricket A600 Internet Broadband Modem
  • Cricket  RC1705 Internet Broadband Modem
  • UM185C Internet Broadband Modem

Legacy Cricket Handsets

  • Cricket A100
  • Cricket ‘CAPTR’ A200
  • Cricket EZ
  • Cricket TXM8
  • Cricket MSGM8
  • Kyocera S1300
  • LG HELIX – In Silver and Pink
  • Motorola ‘EVOKE’ QA4
  • Motorola ‘HINT’ QA30
  • Motorola RAZR V3s
  • Motorola ROKR
  • Motorola VE240
  • Motorola VE465
  • Nokia 3606
  • Samsung MYSHOT II
  • Samsung r211
  • Samsung r430 MyShot
  • Samsung r450 Messager
  • Samsung r550 JetSet
  • UTStarcom CDM 7126

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